Technology made accessible
in TED-worthy talks

I started building websites when I was 13. By organizing 50 TEDx events worldwide, I came into contact with countless cool innovations and technologies.

Completely fascinated by this, I started with crypto and blockchain in 2015, later in VR and AI. This started with setting up two companies; a consultancy boutique and a scale-up with an $18 million investment.
In my spare time I am also a Digital Leader at the World Economic Forum and a Board Member at the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation.

I regularly share the knowledge and skills from my daily work with new technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, GenAI and metaverse, in trend blogs, which have already attracted more than a million readers.

"Jan talks enthusiastically, shares striking examples and ensures sufficient interaction with the audience!"

KNVB, Dutch Soccer League

"High energy level, good interaction with the audience and just a fun story to hear!"

Maastricht University Medical Center

"It was great to see and hear how he managed to trigger professionals in the telecom sector with his story. Jan is clearly very experienced in presenting to groups - which made for a good addition and added that little bit of sparkle to our event."


From practice, interactive
and in understandable language.

Because I see that more and more people and organizations are very interested in new technologies, but do not know exactly what it entails, how it works and where to start, I regularly talk about this with enthusiasm.

In my keynotes I not only look at the future, but especially at all practical experiences. The impact, implications and implementations of technologies, explained in Jip & Janneke language. In a TED-worthy interactive talk packed with examples and with a focus on good understanding, without unnecessary buzzword bingo.

"This morning the audience was hanging on Jan's every word! Crypto, we hear so much about it but know so little about it. In clear language, Jan took us into the world of Bitcoin and Crypto. It's nice when someone knows how to captivate the audience, is clear and has answers to questions. Also a compliment for the communication in advance. But with one of the founders of the Ted Talks I would not have had to doubt that. Thank you very much Jan and certainly see you next time!"


"With your expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), we were immersed in its many possibilities & challenges. Interesting subject matter that got the entire room thinking! In short, a successful TED Talk & enthusiastic people... what more could you want!"

Municipality of Brunssum

At home on all types of stages

In addition to speaking at events, I also like to host or participate in panels and regularly give master classes and training. In recent years I have gained extensive experience in speaking for intimate groups of 8 people up to a stage for 8,000 visitors. Worldwide, physically and virtually. In the Dutch or English language.

I tailor my keynotes; really focused on the background of the audience in the room and/or the industry from which the organization comes. With practical examples, insights and direct starting points.

"Jan gave a fantastic lecture! Highly relevant for international correspondents, who move around a lot and need to connect with people and find relevant stories. Jan used his experience as TedX organiser ánd TedX speaker and provided us with excellent tips."

NRC Handelsblad

"What a treat to have Jan on stage! It was a difficult assignment: can you explain the basics of blockchain in 20 minutes, and also give an overview of the Dutch initiatives within digital marketing. Successful! And what enthusiasm on that stage."


Frequently asked topics I speak about:

Bitcoin & Cryptovaluta

In slechts 15 jaar tijd hebben Bitcoin en andere cryptovaluta een ongekende impact gekregen op het traditionele wereldwijde financiële systeem. Overheden adopteren en inwoners van ontwikkelingslanden adopteren ze massaal, maar waarom? Hoe werken ze precies en waarom hebben ze zo'n impact?

(Generatieve) AI

Ook al zit Artificiele Intelligentie al jaren in ons leven verweven, sinds de lancering van ChatGPT staat de wereld op zijn kop. Het gaat een grote impact hebben op de toekomst van ons werk, ons denken en onze maatschappij. Hoe heeft dat het nu al en hoe ziet de toekomst er uit? Hoe kan je hier als individu en organisatie mee aan de slag? Wat zijn de kansen en bedreigingen?

NFTs & Tokanisatie

Niet alleen digitale content; vastgoed, aandelen en talloze andere fysieke en virtuele eigendommen; alles wordt al getokaniseerd. Naar verwachting meer dan $1 triljoen aan eigendommen in de komende 5 jaar. Maar wat is dit precies? Waarom zou je digitale eigendomsbewijzen (NFTs) van bezittingen willen maken en hoe kan je dit zelf?

Metaverse & VR

De metaverse opent een heel nieuwe, grenzeloze digitale wereld waar realiteit en virtualiteit samensmelten. Ontdek hoe de metaverse ons leven en de manier waarop we interacteren ingrijpend zal veranderen. Hoe zijn bedrijven nu al actief hierin en wat zijn hun bevindigngen? Wat zijn de uitdagingen en kansen? Hoe kan je hier als organisatie zelf al in actief zijn?

Blockchain & Web3

Het wordt ook wel de volgende versie van het internet genoemd, waarin de gebruiker weer 'in control' is en niet de grote tech bedrijven: web3. Maar wat is blockchain precies en waarom is de technologie zo revolutionair? Maak niet alleen kennis met de unieke werking, maar ook de talloze voorbeelden van waar het nu al wereldwijd een grote positieve impact heeft op industrieën, bedrijven en mensen.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

De grootste trend binnen blockchain technologie, die momenteel massaal wordt geadopteerd door financiële instellingen wereldwijd. Ontdek Decentralized Finance (DeFi), een financiële revolutie die iedereen in staat stelt om zonder tussenkomst van banken toegang te krijgen tot leningen, handel en beleggingen.


Inmiddels is 98% van de Centrale Banken er wereldwijd mee bezig; een eigen Central Bank Digital Currencie (CBDC's), digitale valuta's uitgegeven door centrale banken die de manier waarop we geld gebruiken en beheren veranderen. Maar wat zijn CBDC's en wat voor impact gaan ze hebben op het wereldwijde financiële systeem?


Van decentraal geld (crypto) en decentraal eigendom (NFTs) naar decentraal organisaties laten opereren; maak kennis met Decentrale Autonome Organisaties (DAO's). Een bijzondere ontwikkeling binnen blockchain technologie, waarin besluitvorming wordt gedemocratiseerd en transparantie wordt bevorderd.

"We wanted a speaker who can speak enthusiastically, has a nice and good interaction with the audience, but above all someone who keeps everyone in the audience interested. All this, plus the open attitude and enormous charisma, made Jan the speaker that we were very positively surprised by. with his vision and enthusiasm he kept everyone on the edge of their seats, which is normally a challenge in a youth organization. For me personally, Jan is one of the better speakers who can actually teach the audience something with a very interesting vision. Jan was and will always be welcome and we would love to see them visit again."

Dutch Tax Office

"I was looking for an inspiring speaker for the very first #Regiosafari Noord-Holland Noord in De Kop and Westfriesland. You more than achieved this by inspiring hundreds of colleagues in the hospitality sector with great enthusiasm and providing them with practical tips and handouts. It was a real pleasure working with you. Above all, I really appreciate that you continued to think along in every situation how we could achieve the most optimal quality together."


A selection of organizations that I had the opportunity to work for

npm capital
arbo unie
bouwend nederland
thomas regout
sns bank
startup bootcamp
holland fintech

A selection of photos from previous performances: