For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of organizing 50 TEDx events worldwide. Besides establishing the TEDx events in Maastricht, Sittard-Geleen and Eindhoven, I also worked in major cities like Amsterdam, New York and Baghdad, organizing events for organizations like CERN, the Dutch Police Force, the Ministry of Defense and many more, as well as presentations at large-scale events with 1,500 visitors, youth events, town halls and many more. What it’s not is a manual, a required reading before organizing an event or a look-at-me-I’ve-organized-50-TEDx-events-proof. It’s simply an overview of the 50 experiences I would love to share after organizing 50 TEDx events worldwide.

The book has been ‘#1 Best selling book’ on Amazon! You can buy the book here.

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Ever wondered what TED speaker really feel up there on stage on the red dot? What were their best and scariest moments? Check out ExciTED to find out! I loved it!Jack Andraka - Inventor, scientist & TED Speaker
In this book, Jan has captured perspectives and anecdotes from so many of the founding TEDx organizers during the first decade of the amazing TEDx movement. It brought a huge smile to my face to see all the faces of the amazing people around the world who make the TEDx community what it is. Ever the curator, Jan has organized these testimonials around his own perspectives and guidance, making this the best single write-up to really understand the ten-year journey of TEDx. If you’re curious about experience design, community creation, new power, or understanding movements, this is an illuminating read.Steve Daniels - Partner @ Cultivate / Co-Founder @ Action Surge
In this fascinating book, Jan Scheele provides everything you need to know about TED events. With his wealth of experience as a TED organizer and speaker, he draws any reader into this global phenomenon, which is TED. Whether you’re a corporate executive, professional meeting organizer, or simply a student of public speaking, this book provides a fun, interesting, and thoughtful read. Highly recommend! Paul Rulkens - President @ Agrippa International
What started as a relatively small, primarily academic conference in 1984 has since grown into the world’s largest movements around the free exchange of ideas. With TEDx events happening in over 130 countries around the world and hundreds of millions of views, these events have inspired a generation of leaders. ExciTED captures the spirit of a decade-long movement that has profoundly the lives of millions. Jan’s unique perspective as the curator of numerous TEDx events shapes this journey around the globe and gives readers a rare insider view of some of the great moments in the history of TEDx.Ramy Nasser - Director Retail Innovation Lab - Mattel Inc.
Jan Scheele has deep knowledge about how to organise a perfect (TEDx) event. What makes him and this book special is that he is willing to share it with you. Read and learn and than say: Thank you Jan!Rutger Mollee - Writer @ De Spelt / Host
this book is not only valuable for first time TEDx organizers, or conference organizers of any kind, it is actually the most comprehensive summary of things to keep in mind, consider, doublecheck and even find inspiration of, when you have done several TEDx events, already. Its not only a nice reader, it is actually a get-back-to, everytime you are looking into your next curation experience.
even recommend distributing it among your team of volunteers to give them a better feeling about the amazing journey, they are about to embarkNiki Ernst - Founder @ Iacy
TED radically transformed the public speaking landscape and upgraded the world-view of many. ‘ExciTED!’ offers a fascinating collection of mémoires from one of the most active TED community leaders. A must read for anyone who is organizing events or simply interested in TED.Mathieu Sneep

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    I’ve also published a ‘Groeiboek’ (In the Dutch Language) for those, interested in ’talk like TED’.

    In 10 stappen naar een TED waardige presentatie!

    Na het organiseren van 50 TEDx events en coachen van honderden TEDx sprekers, krijg ik heel vaak de vraag wat het recept van de ‘secret sauce’ is, om een TED-waardige presentatie te geven. Ik geef er regelmatig trainingen over, maar vond het ook een leuk idee om er een boekje met mijn top tips over uit te geven! De digitale versie stel ik gratis beschikbaar!

    Het boek is gratis (digitaal) hier verkrijgbaar.