Technology made accessible
in easy to understand language.

To introduce the wider public to the new technologies, their global impact, the opportunities & possibilities for consumers and organizations, future predictions and challenges, I regularly write blogs. I publish my trend blogs on channels such as Frankwatching, where I have already welcomed more than 1 million readers.
I have also written a number of books and will publish two new books in 2024.

My latest blogs:

What is your story?

Everyone has a great story to tell and everyone can do that on stage. Something I am firmly convinced of, after ten years of coaching thousands of professionals. From starting entrepreneurs to students, executives to top entrepreneurs, DJs to politicians. That is much more than simply learning presentation techniques for the stage. That starts with putting together a beautiful, inspiring story and the right preparation. Tailoring it to the audience, any visual translation and the strategic use of the body.
A lot of science, ten years of experience and input from 600 former customers have resulted in my latest book.

My Amazon #1 bestseller

For ten years I have had the pleasure of organizing 50 TEDx events worldwide. In addition to setting up the TEDx events in Maastricht, Sittard-Geleen and Eindhoven, I have also worked in major cities such as Amsterdam, New York and Baghdad, organizing events for organizations such as CERN, the Dutch police, the Ministry of Defense and much more. After 50 events I stopped and collected 50 experiences in a book. In addition, 50 former colleagues and 50 former speakers also contributed. It became a #1 bestseller on Amazon within a week of publication in the Netherlands.