(Posted also on TEDxMaastricht)

At TEDxMaastricht, we believe that the crowd of our event is almost as important as the speaker line-up. Spreading all those amazing ideas, spawned out on the stage of a TEDx event and taking action out of it, will not happen if the hall is only filled with CEO’s or people from, for example, the consultancy industry. The most interesting and unexpected cross-overs and connectinos are usally the ones made between the most different unexpected people from the most different sectors and layers of society.

Invitations for TEDxMaastricht are therefore not for sale. We love to curate our audience as much as our speaker list. Team members only get 1 ticket to give away to a friend, in order to prevent making the event one big family dinner and the amount of tickets for partners is limited. Motivation is the key and the most important aspect for us, when inviting our guests. Think about Charly and his trip to the chocolate factory! How boring would it be if he was just able to buy a ticket? A little challenge, thinking about why you should actually be invited, won’t hurt anybody.

At all TEDx events I’ve been at and organized, seeing and feeling the joy of people, being invited to it, is one of the biggest appreciations, an organizer can get. The twinkling in people’s eyes, just like Charly, when entering the chocolate factory, is why we as team, are organizing TEDxMaastricht. When applying online, please keep in mind, that we have to read all motivations and “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men”(Willy Wonka)